Our ambition

To make the relational potential of your teams an asset for your organization

Quilotoa is a creator of solutions which free the relational potential of your associates. We help them to establish and maintain relationships, communicate with ease in all circumstances, listen, argue and debate, affirm themselves and finally manage their emotions. The goal of our interventions is to support behavioral changes, with method and benevolence, to encourage the effectiveness of your organization and company well-being. Our offer is structured around the subjects of self-knowledge, communication and management. We have existed since 1993 and offer 300 training courses to nearly 2,000 trainees per year.

Quality approach and Recognition

OPQF: Compliance with 6+1 requirements of the quality decree of 30/06/2015.

Quilotoa is licensed OPQF since 2000.

In 2014, Quilotoa’s license was renewed for the 4th time, effective through 2018

Quilotoa is regularly highlighted by forMetris for the scores obtained in evaluations of its training courses.

12 of its training courses are amongst the highest ranked by forMetris.

Quilotoa won the “Coup de Coeur du jury” prize in the category “new services and innovative pedagogical approaches” during the first “Nuit de la formation”.