Relational skills diagnosis

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The 5 dimensions ® 

All of our training courses integrate discovery work and further development of these 5 dimensions and their features through practical exercises and role playing.

Depending on the training course objectives and in response to the participants’ needs, coursework priorities are established along these 5 dimensions.

This approach was created by Jean-Marie Richier, co-founder of Quilotoa.

Digital tools

To punctuate the processes :


  • Pre- and Post-traning videos
    (Movenote, Sparkol)

  • Digital learning : virtual classes
    (Go to Meeting, Webex, Google Hangout)

  • Social learning
    (communities of trainees in Google +)

  • Evaluation tools

    • ForMetris + Auto-coaching

  • Online educative resources

Support – Coaching – Co-development periods


  •    A 6-stage operational training approach

  •     For 6 to 8 participants with common concerns: e.g. sales associates, managers or members of an already formed team…

Co-dev allows one to :

  • Share difficulties in a protective and learning environment

  • Establish collaborative practices

  • Step back when confronting daily issues

  • Learn from experiences of other participants and apply solutions issued by the group

  • Share obtained results as a source of emulation for participants.

Identity coaching


  • A space to step back addressed to professionals, managers, or executive director in weakened positions. 

  • Based on joint objectives, the person will evolve overt the sessions and rearrange reorient his personality in accordance with the complexity of his environment.

  • Following the coaching, the participant will be able to reaffirm his stance, make choices and make decisions.

  • The relationship of trust developed between the coach and the person acts throughout the sessions as a powerful lever of transformation.