A team of experienced trainers who master:


  • Acting tools

  • The principles of authentic communication

  • The methods of effective relationships: congruence, availability, empathy, respect

  • The essentials of training: adult pedagogy, the design and animation of mixed processes

  • Tools of support for the person: coaching, specific certifications (PNL, Process Com, MBTI, transactional analysis, co-development…)

ISABELLE PIERRA Quilotoa-portrait-16631-HD
Isabelle Pierra
Project Manager - Trainer
PASCAL PERROZ Quilotoa-portrait-16559-HD
Pascal Perroz
Project Manager - Trainer
Julien Bastière
Project Manager - Trainer
ROBERT BURNS Quilotoa-portrait-16439-HD
Robert Burns
CORINNE CHIARELLI Quilotoa-portrait-16423-HD
Corinne Chiarelli
Project Manager - Trainer
GAEL COLLON Quilotoa-portrait-16461-HD
Gael Collon
Olivier Courbier
Trainer - Coach
MARC GERAUD Quilotoa-portrait-16364-HD
Marc Géraud
Project Manager - Trainer
ELISABETH LAURENCIN Quilotoa-portrait-16704 - Version 2-HD
Elisabeth Laurencin
Project Manager - Trainer
XAVIER LE GO Quilotoa-portrait-16620-HD
Xavier Le Gô
Project Manager - Trainer
SOPHIE MERCIER Quilotoa-portrait-16553-HD
Sophie Mercier
Project Manager - Trainer - Coach
ARIANE OCLIN Quilotoa-portrait-16501-HD
Ariane Oclin
Project Manager - Trainer - Coach